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At Little Louth we want to offer more than just a role play experience! 
We have a range of classes available that you can book weekly, we feel classes enable children to make friends and give adults the chance to get to know one another while the children are having fun ! Our summer timetable is slightly different, please click the link below to view! We have added a SEN friendly session, gardening club, and cookery

Classes available 

Baby Sensory

 Baby sensory class is suitable from children from 0 through to 2 years old, we aim to focus on different textures, smells, tastes, and focus on building gross and fine motor skills , we have different task on the tough trays each week from sensory bags, to our bubble wall the babies have endless fun exploring what we have to offer. 

Messy Play

 Suitable from 0 to 5 - Bring a towel, change of clothes and baby wipes!! Messy play is al about different textures and tastes, each tough tray will have a task and a problem to solve for example fishing sea creatures out of a blue jelly sea! Endless amounts of fun for children and adults, all messy play items are children friendly and mostly edible! 

messy play 2.jpg
messy play 3.jpg
messy play 5.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Arts and Crafts 

Arts and crafts is suitable from around 6 months upwards , we spread out the tough trays with a range of crafts for example ice painting, make your own mask with feathers, hand and foot painting and decoration and much much more! 

Toddler music

 Do you or your little one love to dance, sing, fly around the room like an astronaut singing at the top of your voice? If so toddler music is the class for you. 45 minutes of pure fun, we use the instruments from the music room as well as our crazy imaginations to create some wonderful songs and dances!

Classes are £5 a child 

£10 with full access to the play area for a walker 

£7.50 pre walker 

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