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1. Do we have to book - it is very helpful if you book an arrival time for our staff to know the capacity of people in the building, however if you are passing and haven't booked we will rarely turn you away

2. Do you have parking - yes we have a large car park

3. What is the process on arrival?  You arrive to our main entrance, our wonderful staff will take payment on arrival and show you where all the hidden treasures are in the center. We are over 2 floors , each floor has a cafe seating area where we will serve food and drink to you. You can relax let the children play or go and get immersed in a world of roleplay 

4. What age is this suitable for? 0 to 12 , we have children come from as young as 2 days old, were a great venue to make friends, find your second home and make some friends. Older children love getting stuck in and using there imagination to go shopping or have their hair done. 

5. Where are you in Louth? We are down Ludgate a small road of chequergate next to spout yard park and gallery 

6. How long can i stay? there is no time limit, some people spend 3 to 4 hours enjoying classes dinner and role play 




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